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  • Free Movement of Persons in the EU: A Loved and Feared Reality

    On 12 April 2017, the European Citizens Action Service organised a conference on the free movement of person to mark the 60th anniversary of the Rome treaty. The panel, composed of EU Officials and Experts, was able to identify the current challenges to the fundamental right of free movement, and explore viable strategies and actions for restoring its trust and recognition. Continue reading →

  • Donbas: the price of peace

    On 11 April 2017, the Centre for European policy studies (CEPS) organised a conference on “Donbas: the price of peace”. Sociological research demonstrates a shift in the Ukrainian citizens’ preferences regarding their situation and the conflict in the occupied areas. The panel, constituted of two Experts from the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation, were able to analyse these changes and share their expectations about the future of the conflict in Donbas. Continue reading →

  • Quo Vadis? Key findings on the future of the European Union

    On 3 April 2017, the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) and the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) organised a conference to present the main findings of the recent publication: “Quo Vadis? Identity, Policy and the Future of the European Union”. Three authors of the publication were present to discuss where the EU is and should be going, as well as the challenges it implies. Continue reading →

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