Putin is modern Hitler

Putin is modern Hitler. Since 2014, such a parallel has been drawn often and by many.

In Russia, they even viewed it as a compliment: a full-time pro-Putin political analyst wrote that until 1939 – before the invasion to Poland, which officially launched World War II – Hitler was not that bad. What was he actually, that “good” Hitler between 1933 (the year he came to power) and 1939?

TEXTY analysed in detail the actions of the Führer at this historical stage. Their key feature, within the terminology of the military doctrine of the Russian Federation, is hybridity.

During the peace years, Hitler conducted a number of successful quasi-war campaigns. And in each of them, he came out the winner. Not being a theorist of such conflicts, he had a brilliant “sensitivity” regarding the application of hybrid techniques in practice.

If you look closely, the striking similarity between the tactics of the then Reich Chancellery and the current Kremlin is very impressive. You will not believe how much they have in common.

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