02.03.2015, Conference, “Public control at the local level”, OPORA

On the 25 February in Kyiv, community activists presented and discussed best practices of public control at the local level. Lviv OPORA invited 11 representatives of NGOs, among them – two from Bulgaria and Poland. Foreign colleagues shared their experience of monitoring public disclosure of information and the creation of a special register of public contracts.

Ukrainian speakers presented a number of interesting initiatives. Alexander Neberykut from Lviv OPORA presented the methodology and results of measurement of publicity of local government, which last year covered all regional centres of the country. Dariya Slyzkonis from Center for Political Studies and Analysis presented nationwide campaign with an aim to monitor implementation, by the local authorities, of the law “On access to public information.” Tatyana Naumenko, from Podolian Agency for Regional Developmt presented very relevant in today’s agenda of reforms in Ukraine subject of the e-government. Together with partner organizations PARD they created a method of monitoring the implementation of e-governance tools as a basis for providing administrative services electronically. Two more speakers – Ivan Sikora (Foundation “Open Society”) and Anatoliy Stoyan (Transparency International Ukraine) focused attention of the audience on the need for public oversight of the implementation of fiscal policy and of the declared wealth and life style of senior officials.

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