Russia’s energy weapon

On 26 April 2017, Dixi Group analyst Denis Nazarenko in an international expert group on energy in the European Parliament presented recommendations to the EU to counter Russia’s attempts to undermine energy security and democratic course of Ukraine and in part of the European Union.

In particular, Dixi Group experts examined an aggressive process of capturing energy assets in Ukraine, significant efforts to limit supplies and diversification of technologies other than those coming from Russia as well as support of political forces that are not interested in market reforms in the energy sector. The experts also studied the obstacles that Russia creates for Ukraine on its path to join the common energy security area of the EU, in particular in the gas sector. Special attention was paid to information aspects of the hybrid war.

Among the most important reccomendations regarding all the countries that were studied was a call for the EU to strictly follow the rules and procedures laid down in the third energy package, and not allow any exceptions.

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