03.12.2015. Policy brief “Decentralization Reform in Ukraine: Prospects and Challenges”, Democratic Initiatives

Oleksii Sydorchuk, policy analyst of the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation, has released a new policy brief “Decentralization Reform in Ukraine: Prospects and Challenges”. There he analyzed the current state of the decentralization reform in Ukraine and assessed what the government of Ukraine should do to fully implement the reform.

The policy brief tackles the following questions:

  • What Ukrainian government has achieved in terms of the decentralization reform so far?
  • What are the future prospects of the reforms?
  • How could the EU help Ukraine in implementing the reform?

The publication was prepared in the framework of the Think Tank Support Initiative funded by the International Renaissance Foundation (IRF), the Think Tank Fund (TTF), and the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA). 

Download the policy brief