05.05.2015.Public discussion “Eastern Partnership Summit in Riga: Ukraine’s expectations”, IWP

On 28 April, Institute of World Policy (IWP) held a public discussion “Eastern Partnership Summit in Riga: Ukraine’s expectations”.

During the event, the results of a unique international study “Trends in the Eastern Partnership”, implemented by the Czech Association for International Affairs in partnership with IWP and 7 think tanks. More than 600 experts, journalists, politicians, business and public sector in all countries of the Visegrad Group and Eastern Partnership took part in the study.

Analyst of the Association of International Affairs, Vaclav Lidl, presented the key findings of a survey in 10 countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine) on the results and prospects of the Eastern Partnership. Dariya Gaidai from IWP summed up answers of Ukrainian groups of respondents and presented the paper “What is the future of the Eastern Partnership?”

After the presentation of the survey a discussion took place with the participation of Dmitry Shulga, director of the European program initiative of the International Renaissance Foundation, Iryna Sushko, a member of the Steering Committee of the Ukrainian National Platform of Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership and Rostislav Tomenchuk, Chairman, Ukrainian Institute of foreign policy.

Experts assessed the results of the EU’s Eastern Policy, discussed the challenges facing all of the sides and ways to overcome them and identified Ukrainian agenda for the Summit of the Eastern Partnership on 21-22 May in Riga.

The study “Important Forgotten or Irrelevant? Stakeholders’ Survey on Post-Vilnius Eastern Partnership” was implemented with the support of Visegrad Fund.

The public discussion was held within the “Initiative on the think tanks development in Ukraine”, operated by International Renaissance Foundation  in partnership with the Think Tank Fund (TTF) and funded by the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine (SIDA).

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