06.11.2015. Analytics “Is Ukraine a ‘migration threat’ to the EU?”, Europe without Barriers

Iryna Sushko and Kateryna Kulchytska, the analysts of the Ukrainian think tank Europe Without Barriers, have released an analytical article “Is Ukraine a ‘migration threat’ to the EU?”.

The experts claim that despite political unrest and military conflict in Donbas,  Ukraine does not pose a “migration threat” to the EU and has implemented the measures that have been asked of it.

The EU is happy with Ukraine’s progress in implementing the Visa Liberalisation Action Plan (VLAP) Ukrainian officials say. Indeed, at the end of August, Jean-Claude Juncker called the progress “enormous” and said that the Commission intends by the end of the year to propose visa liberalisation, but he warned that “the final decision has to be made by the member states”.

Implementing the Visa Liberalisation Action Plan coincides with the annexation of Crimea and the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine, which are all factors that make increased migration by Ukrainians into the EU more likely. However, the main route for Ukrainians from conflict areas seeking well-paid work and asylum is into Ukraine itself or the neighbouring countries of Russia and Belarus, not the EU.

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