Ratings of 88 majoritarian MPs

Civil Network OPORA continues tracking activities of MPs, elected in single-mandate majoritarian districts. In 2017, OPORA monitor 88 MPs, compared to 36 in 2015 and 105 in 2016.

The analysis of their activities is based on two key indicators: law-making in the parliament and activeness in electoral district. They create a monthly rating of 88 MPs, graded by 100 point scale on 23 activeness criteria (100 is the best).

According to OPORA’s assessment, in February, MPs preferred the session hall and parliamentary committees to activities in constituencies. The average attendance during the votings exceeded 80%, what means the discipline is quite high. However, the monitored MPs rarely did cooperate with local authorities to fulfill their duties. Instead, they actively used parliamentary inquiries. Reporting of MPs before the voters is also on a low level.

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