Infographic, Countering Russian Propaganda in Europe

How to counter Russian propaganda in the West, using already existing channels of communication? How to make them more effective, while not spending too much money?

The informal group of journalists and experts UkraineWorld, initiated by NGO “Internews-Ukraine” has developed a number of proposals on possible new initiatives.

Proposals outlined in this Info graphic are accessible in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

They will be of use for the representatives of international organizations, international donors, the Ukrainian authorities and representatives of media and civil society in Ukraine and the West.

The group UkraineWorld includes representatives of the following organizations: Internews-Ukraine, Ukrainian crisis media center, StopFake, Public TV, Euromaidan Press, International “Renaissance” Foundation, Ukraine Today, Pershyi Ukraine, Center UA, Criticism, Institute of World Policy and others. 

Source: Internews-Ukraine 

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