08.12.2015. “Biden and Company. Why the USA pushes on Kyiv” – expert opinion, Democratic Initiatives

Oleksiy Haran, a leading analyst of the Democratic Initiatives Foundation, has expressed his expert opinion about Joe Biden`s, Vice-president of the USA,visit to Ukraine in the article “Biden and Company. Why the USA pushes  Kyiv” . Expert analyzes what can Ukraine expect from such a visit.

Following Oleksiy Haran, it will be a new stimulus to the reforms and support in the fight against Russian agression in Donbas and Crimea. Joe Biden met with the representatives of civil society and young politicians before meeting the President Poroshenko and Prime-minister Yatsenyuk, and it is a big signal. The activists of civil society have probably brought up questions of corruption and the slow speed of reforms. These topics will, apparently, be also discussed with the government.

In  this case push from our Western partners (both the USA and the EU) about acceleration of the reforms is a positive sign, concludes the expert,

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