11.04.2016. Why did the Dutch voted “No”? Institute of World Policy

Alyona Getmanchuk, Director of the Institute of World Policy, in her blog for the “Ukrainska pravda”.

After the referendum in the Netherlands the most popular question I was asked was – Why did the Dutch voted against? Of course, you could say that the referendum was not really about Ukraine – they voted not against Ukraine and not even against the Association Agreement, but against the EU and their own government. However, I must honestly admit that during this campaign the Dutch skeptics made the whole referendum partially about Ukraine, twirling the message that “Ukraine is a war” and “Ukraine is corruption”. When the Dutch voted “No”, they voted against those certain things directly related to Ukraine. The question why they voted “No” in the context of Ukraine is really important in order to understand what exactly Ukraine needs to work on in the future.

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