12.02.2016. STATEMENT BY REFORM EXPERTS – “Urgent steps to solve the political crisis in Ukraine”

The group of civil society experts, who take part in the ongoing development, promotion and monitoring of the implementation of the key systemic reforms, urged the government to take steps to overcome the political crisis and accelerate the reforms.

In the statement, the experts note: “The current crisis in the Ukrainian politics is, first of all, a crisis of no confidence. People have lost confidence in the ability of political institutions, the integrity of the leading politicians and parties, the capacity of governmental institutions and their leadership to carry out reforms in the direction determined and proclaimed by the Revolution of Dignity.”

The experts call upon the government to make real steps in the following areas:

  1. Purification of the government and the creation of professional technical government under the new rules
  2. Implementation of the civil service reform and the reform of the Government
  3. Establishing efficient communication between the government and the society
  4. Implementation of a new election law

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