15.03.2016. Poll Results Reveal the Name of Ukraine’s New Prime Minister, International Centre for Policy Studies

On 8 – 11 March 2016 the International Centre for Policy Studies (ICPS) conducted an expert poll: Who would make the best candidate for the post of Ukraine’s Prime Minister?

Nataliia Yaresko, Ukraine’s Minister of Finance, gains the lead with 31% of votes. Mikhail Saakashvili, Head of Odesa Regional State Administration, runs behind with 21% of expert votes.

“This survey confirms the current crisis of public trust in the former members of the party nomenclature,” said Anatoliy Oktysiuk, Senior Analyst at the ICPS. “It indicates there is a growing social need for establishing a new non-political government and appointing of a new, non-partisan prime minister, who is able to take leadership on reforms,” said Mr. Oktysiuk.

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