16.10.2015. Klymenko is suffering from narcissism – political consultant about PR of ex-minister

Executive Director of the Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels, Olena Prystayko, gave comment about a recent video by ex – minister Olexandr Klymenko, published in Brussels newspaper “New Europe” (New Europe).

In her opinion such promotional activity of former allies of Yanukovych in European circles, will change nothing. All information about the people who abused public position for personal enrichment is being carefully investigated by the EU, she said.

“The sanctions were imposed on Olexander Klymenko because of the criminal proceedings against him which are connected to misappropriation of state funds. If he proves that he is not corrupt, which, we believe, will be very difficult for him to do, then, of course, he has a chance to whitewash his good name. Until this is done, all these clips have no influence ” – said Olena Prystayko.

(Source Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty)