17.11.2015. “Brexit Would Damage Ukrainian Hopes for a European Future”, – expert, IWP

Alyona Getmanchuk, Director of the Institute of World Policy (IWP) has reflected on how the exit of Britain from the EU might influence Ukrainian Hopes for the European future.

The possibility Britain could withdraw from the EU is not yet a subject of public discussion in Ukraine. The issue and its implications for Ukraine have not been discussed amongst experts, raised in analytical elaborations or discussed in the media.

Following the expert, the prospect of Ukrainian membership of the EU might suffer without Britain. Britain has traditionally supported the idea of Ukraine’s EU membership. This has tended to vary, with the UK weary of provoking accusations by opponents of EU enlargement that Britain wants to weaken the European Union by widening it further. Despite this, a Britain inside the EU is obviously better placed to push for Ukrainian membership than a Britain on the outside.

A British exit from the EU would do irreparable damage to the image of both the EU and Britain in Ukraine, weakening the hopes of millions of Ukrainians who hope for a better future – a European one to be precise, concludes Alyona Getmanchuk.

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