“The Crimes of the Fascist Junta” are on the Agenda Again – Review of Russian television for August 1–16, 20155, Telekritika

NGO Telekrytika, supported by “Internews Network” continues to monitor Russian media.

The latest report found:

– Over the course of the summer news stories about bombardments and victims in Donbas were growing, reaching their pick in the first weeks of August, right after Ukraine refused to make concessions in tripartite negotiations in Minsk on August 3-4.

– The channels were using their old statements about  “fascist junta” and “chastisers” allegedly eliminating the population of Donbas.

– One more important message of propaganda was the statement about the setting of a new attack of the Ukrainian troops in Donbas.

– Russian media continues their effort to discredit the Ukrainian power and its armed forces.

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