18.11.2015. Expert Opinion “Attack in Paris: Conclusions for Ukraine”, CPLR

Mykola Khavronyuk, the analyst of the Centre of Policy and Legal Reform (CPLR), has released an analitical article “Attack in Paris: Conclusions for Ukraine”. It analyzes Ukrainian conception of fighting terrorism which increasingly gains importance after the attack in Paris.

Following Mykola Khavronyuk, continuous terrorist attacks in the various countries urge to think whether Ukraine is ready to fight terrorism. As shows experience of the Antiterroristic Centre of the Security Service in the beginning of 2014, Ukraine is not ready to stop terrorism. Terrorism has been stopped by the military forces and volunteers, while Security Service since 1990s has been actively engaging in fighting smugglers.

However, Ukraine has its ows conception of fighting terrorism, says the analyst. Yet, the conception was accepted 25 April 2013 by Yanukovych. Since then, there have not been any amendments to it.

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