20.06.2016. Escalation in Donbas is favourable neither to Ukraine nor Russia, Razumkov Centre

The situation in the conflict area in Eastern Ukraine has escalated; Deputy Chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Herashchenko announced the highest number of dead and wounded in the last month. Military experts attribute this to the pressure on Ukraine to hold an election in the occupied area of Donbas and the situation around sanctions against Russia. However, currently, according to some of them, neither Ukraine nor Russia are interested in the conflict escalation, informs the news agency Radio Liberty.

Meanwhile, Co-director of Foreign Relations and International Security Programmes of the Razumkov Centre Oleksiy Melnyk believes that currently neither Ukraine nor Russia needs escalation of the confrontation.

“At least until the decision on the EU sanctions (against Russia) is made, the likelihood of such a large-scale attack is rather low,” predicts the expert.

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