2019 subventions: How MPs tried to get re-elected using budget funds

The State Budget of Ukraine provides significant subventions for regional social and economic development each year. This year, like two previous ones, the State Budget budgeted 5 billion UAH on subventions. However, taking into consideration the imperfection of subvention distribution process, two election campaigns, and the change of both state leaders and ⅘ of majoritarian MPs, only 2 billion 728 million UAH were spent (55%). Moreover, the Government had even passed in late September a strange decision asking to “return funds for the social and economic development of territories” that were transferred shortly before. The Civil Network OPORA inquired the Ministry of Finance to see the decision, but the latter has failed to provide it. Besides that, it hasn’t yet published information on subvention distribution in open data format, as the Cabinet of Minister’s Resolution #835 demands. Now, let’s focus on another topic.

Having analysed the indicators of subvention distribution in 2019, one may confidently say that subventions for the social and economic development of territories have failed to realise these goals and, what even worse, became a platform for cooperation between territorial communities and politicians, striving to gain electoral benefits for the next election.

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