22.12.2015. Kyiv, Discussion “Role of media in conflict resolution: Ukrainian realities”, Telekritika

On the 21 December 2015 in Kyiv, OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine, NGO Telekritika and the Institute of Mass Information organized a discussion “The role of media in conflict resolution: the Ukrainian reality.”

The results of monitoring of national and regional television channels, online and print media in terms of coverage of topics relevant to the conflict (internally displaced persons, minorities, residents of Donbass and other groups) and taking into account the conflict sensitivity were presented during the discussion.

“Media discourse on Ukrainian TV channels outlined a clear line between “our own” and “them”. Among conflict sensitive populations TV actively speaks only about ATO fighters, while internally displaced persons are mentioned in 1% of news materials in the central channels and 3 % – regional. In 69% of news materials the source of conflict is the journalists, not the heroes of these materials. ”

Such conclusions of Telekritika’s monitoring were presented by the program director of the NGO – Roman Shutov.

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