23.10.2015. Survey “Tax reform appears to be a fiction”, ICPS

International Centre for Policy Studies (ICPS) has conducted a survey about the implemented tax reform in Ukraine.

72% of the respondents stated that the main obstacle for the tax reform is inefficient work of the governmental institutions.

According to the survey`s results, the governmental decisions, which were made in the end of 2014 and were declared as tax reform, do not have a lot in common with reformation process.

52% of the respondents claim that tax load of the enterprised increased during the last year, whereas 44% of them affirm that it remained the same.

92% of the respondents believe that the сurrent taxation regime in Ukraine negatively influences investment attractiveness of Ukraine.

The survey took place in July-August, 2015 in the framework of the project “Analysis of reform implementation and their intersectoral influence”. There have been interviewed 30 experts from the different regions of Ukraine who analyze tax reform process.

Read more (in Ukrainian): ICPS