24.03.2016. Ioannis Karras: Ukraine Needs Patience to Get into the EU, Institute of World Policy

The Institute of World Policy published an article by Ioannis Karras, Assistant Professor of History Freiburg University, Visiting Lecturer International Hellenic University Thessaloniki:

So, I was asked to say a few words about what Ukraine needs to do in order to become a part of the European Union. And before I continue, I’d like to say that it’s slightly absurd for me to be telling Ukrainians what to do. But I think, it is an important question actually to ask “Why?” Because there is a whole practical side to joining the European Union, the things that every country needs to do: the Acquis communautaire, the Copenhagen criteria… But there is also philosophical side and the philosophical side is very important. Because if you don’t know why you are doing it, then what is important about it?

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