24.03.2016. Mendras: Ukrainian Issue will be Crucial in Relations between Russia and the EU, Institute of World Policy

The Institute of World Policy published an article by Marie Mendras, Senior Fellow, Transatlantic Academy, German Marshall Fund (Washington, D.C), Professor at the Paris School of International Affairs:

It’s now been 2 years since Russia annexed Crimea and so far the Ukrainian government has been doing pretty well in keeping the country afloat. Things are not easy, it’s clear that Donbas is not pacified, that Russian militaries are still there but the Ukrainian government is working.

And I guess for European governments and for the European Union what the most important now is to see new political and economic resolve here in Kyiv, to engage more actively with state reforms and economic reforms.

The most important of all is the reform of courts because we know that in every possible example of democratic transition the quality and independence of courts are the most important factors. We understand it’s not easy because of the situation in Crimea and in Eastern Donbas. But Western countries and international organizations want to see the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian state developed and prosperous and there will continue to be strong support for Ukraine. I don’t believe that the EU will ease sanctions against Russian authorities because nothing has changed in the Russian posture towards Ukraine.

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