24.05.2016. ”Problem of Europeans is not in refugees”, Оlena Prystayko, “Оbozrevatel”

In the blog for “Obozrevatel”, Executive Director of the Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels Olena Prystayko commented on the issue of influx of refugees into the EU and demographic aging within the European Union, as well as a possible impact of Ukraine’s visa-free regime on EU’s migration security.

According to Olena Prystayko, the problem of refugees in the EU is exploited by populists and does not reflect the reality. The main problem is, in fact, aging of Europeans. To ensure a sufficient GDP level, Europeans need young people. “The EU should grant Ukrainians visa-free travel – this is an inevitable process,” she says. “Ukrainians do not pose a security threat to the European Union. 98% of Ukrainians are educated people. This is a very high percentage.”

Ukrainians have already proved themselves hardworking in many European countries. Moreover, there are 1.5 millions of IDPs in Ukraine as a result of the war in the East of the country. “Ukraine has managed to address this challenge within its own borders.”