25.05.2016. III International Conference by Razumkov Centre: “Governing and the reforming national security and intelligence services: best international practices”, Razumkov Centre

The reform of state security services is not just an issue of further development of the country and its Euro-Atlantic integration. According to experts, effective special services are able if not completely prevent war, but at least sufficiently reduce its tragic consequences. Therefore, speaking of the reform of special services and intelligence, as well as the democratic control over them, we are raising the issue of the survival of the country – the issue of concern to everyone.

The Razumkov Centre in cooperation with the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF), Interfactional Association of deputies “Ukraine – Euro-Atlantic space!”, the NATO Liaison Office in Ukraine and with support of the Netherlands held an international conference “Governing and reforming national security and intelligence services.” The event was a success as for the first time a round table brought together all actors: international and domestic experts, Ukraine’s Security Service representatives, the National Security Council, the Foreign Intelligence Service, Ministry of Defence, Parliament, civil society and media representatives.

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