Measuring the Reformist Pace of Groysman’s Government

Volodymyr Groysman’s Cabinet of Ministers has been governing the country already for more than a year, since April 14, 2016. The predecessor team – Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s second government – worked for nearly a year and a half, since December 2, 2014, and was known, among other things, for a record number of foreigners in the government. VoxUkraine compared reformist initiatives of two teams’ during their first year in office.

Reforms in the country have been advancing slowly during the first year of work of both governments. The iMoRe index has never been negative, which means that legislative changes conducive to the progress of reforms have been taking place all along. At the same time, a number of important spheres remained outside the area of interest of both teams. These include pension and land reforms, reform of education and full-scale renewal of civil service.

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