27.08.206. “The EU countries shall be convinced that there is no threat from visa-free regime to Ukraine – analyst”, Olena Prystayko, Hromadske

On June 27 president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko held a working visit to Brussels in order to discuss the impact of Brexit for the EU and Ukraine and further continuation of cooperation in terms of the euro integration. In the light of the event, Olena Prystayko, the executive director of the Ukrainian Think Tanks liaison office in Brussels, commented on the current views in the EU on the Ukrainian issue.

At the interview, Ms. Prystayko informed on the extension of the sanctions against Russia, further steps towards visa liberalization and assessment of Ukrainian reforms in Brussels.

We see the problems are not the European Parliament. We see the major part of work remains still in the EU countries, which shall be convinced that visa-free regime for Ukraine is not a threat for the EU. Ukraine deserves it since it has implemented necessary conditions. And finally, it is an essential symbol of support to Ukrainian citizens, who, thus, will become equal with the EU citizens“.

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