29.02.2016. Brussels UkraineLab 2016: Fair of Project Ideas in Support of Reforms in Ukraine

The Brussels UkraineLab: Fair of Project Ideas in Support of Reforms in Ukraine – is the platform for the exchange of ideas on research-related projects on Ukraine. This is a unique product of the Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels (UTTLOB), which was created to meet the needs of those in Ukraine, Europe, and the world who promote democratic transformations and reforms in Ukraine through research and policy work.

The Brussels UkraineLab was created to boost cooperation between Ukraine and EU research-related project implementers. They will be able to share their experience in implementing their projects, to discuss  their research priorities, and to find potential partners to implement future projects. Foundations and donors will also participate to find out how their priorities correspond to the ideas and plans of the think tanks. Representatives of all groups (think tanks, donors, and foundations) will have an opportunity to work in the Working Groups to discuss in detail which projects may be commonly launched in future.

Representatives of 17 think tanks – members of the UTTLOB will travel to Brussels to take part in the Fair. EU-based think tanks, foundations, donors, EU and Ukrainian officials will also participate in the event. 

The Brussels UkraineLab will last 1 day.

During the first half of the day, we will hold two Sessions: “What kind of analytical product is needed to build up a comprehensive policy process for reforms?”, and “Best practices, challenges and funding opportunities for common research-related projects between Ukrainian and EU think tanks”.

During the second half of the day, the participants will discuss potential projects in the parallel Working Groups (WGs):

Working Group 1: Energy and Environment

Working Group 2: Good Governance, Rule of Law and DCFTA Implementation

Working Group 3: Communication, Media and Access to Information

Working Group 4: International Relations, Security and Migration Policy

In order to make work in the WGs effective and useful for the participants, the UTTLOB developed a Questionnaire for Ukrainian and EU think tanks and for donors about current and planned projects on Ukraine. Based on the results of the survey, we will map  potential partners and donors for future projects.

We hope that the Brussels UkraineLab will help the participants explore new ideas, find partners, launch new projects, and find funds for their implementation.

This event is by invitation only.