37 theses about the current state, challenges and principles of new housing policy in Ukraine

Cedos has studied how to create affordable, safe, high-quality housing for everyone who needs it.

Housing policy is one of the strategic subjects in Cedos’s work. Experts have conducted a complex study of the current state and prospects of the development of housing policy in Ukraine, published a learning course, analysed the impact of the pandemic on housing, prepared legal guidelines on renting, and prepared dozens of relevant materials in the media as well as discussions.

Today, Cedos continues to monitor the impact of war on access to housing and analyse the options for crisis housing provision. To coordinate the work on the search for sustainable solutions for rebuilding housing and updating housing policies in Ukraine, experts have founded Re.Housing for Ukraine, a platform for analysis and discussion; this document has been prepared as a part of the platform.

Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine has provoked an unprecedented housing crisis that has affected the majority of Ukraine’s population.

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