A “general plan” for Ukraine’s power system

Recently, the Ukrainian regulatory agency (NEURC) has approved the report on assessing conformity (sufficiency) of generating capacities, prepared by Ukrenergo NPC. This is an unordinary event indeed because it was the first time when such a strategic document was approved. All of its previous versions starting from 2017 had the status of the project.

A conformity assessment report is a standard instrument used by EU member states and the entire European community to forecast the development of power systems. In particular, the forecasting includes the assessment of demand, supply and related risks in a long term, and therefore, it allows to make decisions aimed to enhance security of electricity supply. For example, the Ukrenergo report contains the relevant scenarios until 2050.

In other words, this assessment is necessary to forecast development of the electricity market and understand the ability of power system to meet consumer needs. An adequate capacity level must also be assessed to send the right signals to investors who will build new power stations.

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