About us

Who we are

The Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels (hereafter – the Office) is a non-profit organisation that unites leading Ukrainian think tanks, whose unique mission is to ensure the democratic transition of Ukraine by accelerating reforms and advancing its European integration.

In February 2014, Ukraine made a historical decision by choosing to follow the European path to build a modern Ukraine, fully democratic and free from corruption. We exist to make sure that this transition is fully implemented, and most of all, irreversible.

We started our activities with Ukraine-related matters and gradually expanded the scope of topics and developed connections with the civil society and expert community of the Eastern European Neighbourhood (EEN) region, which includes Ukraine. Democratisation and Europeanisation of the whole region are essential for the development of each individual country of the region.

Our Vision

We envisage Ukraine as a future EU member and see the EEN region free and prosperous. We believe that democracy is the key for this to happen and a strong civil society is the key to a stable democracy.

We believe in one’s freedom to decide upon their own future, and we work to make sure that citizens of Ukraine will be able to fully benefit from this right.

We do it by:
1. Bringing the voice of the Ukrainian and international experts’ community into the pan-European and global discourse on Ukraine and related issues;
2. Cooperating with the EU and international partners, who, like us, see the importance of democratic and European Ukraine and the EEN region;
3. Providing the EU and international audience with trustful and unbiased information about the situation in Ukraine and the EEN region;
4. Organising events in the EU to maintain Ukraine’s democratic transition on the EU’s political agenda.

United civil society and expert community play a crucial role in providing the impetus and paths for European reforms in Ukraine and the EEN region. The Office serves as an external platform for cooperation of experts with the EU and other international stakeholders to enhance the members’ efforts to ensure good governance and human rights protection, implement reforms and advance European integration. We work to create necessary synergies and empower civil society to push reforms and move democratic transformations forward.