About us

Who we are

The Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels (hereafter – the Office) is a non-profit organisation that unites 20 leading Ukrainian and EU think tanks, whose unique mission is to ensure the democratic transition of Ukraine by accelerating reforms and advancing the European integration of the country.

In February 2014, Ukraine made a historical decision by choosing to follow the European path to build a modern Ukraine, fully democratic, free from corruption and independent from external influence. We exist to make sure that this transition is fully implemented, and most of all, irreversible. We exist to give Ukrainian citizens a better life. A life where law can be trusted, a life where corruption is no longer a part of everyday activities, and where every citizen can benefit from a set of rights based on European standards.

“The Office is helping to have a Ukrainian voice in Brussels” – Ivanna Klympush-Tsyntsadze, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration.

Our Vision

We see Ukraine as a future EU member, free from corruption and based on the rule of law. We believe that democracy is the key for this to happen, and we believe that civil society is the key to a stable democracy. We unite 20 Ukrainian and EU think tanks that share this vision and want to provide Ukrainian citizens with a brighter tomorrow.

“The Brussels UkraineLab (flagship activity of the Office) brings the brilliant brains working on reforms in Ukraine. This is very useful for a condensed exchange between EU and Ukrainian actors on this issue” – Peter Wagner, Head of the Support Group for Ukraine, European Commission.

Our Mission

We believe in one’s freedom to decide upon its own future, and we will make sure that Ukrainian citizens will be able to fully benefit from this right.
We do it by:
1. Bringing the voice of the Ukrainian experts’ community into the EU and Ukraine relations processes to shape policies so that they meet the demands of Ukrainian citizens and ensure that Ukrainian officials fulfil their commitments towards the EU;
2. Cooperating with EU and international partners, who, like us, see the importance of a fully democratic and European Ukraine;
3. Providing the EU and Ukrainian audience with trustful and unbiased information about the situation in Ukraine;
4. Organising events in the EU to maintain Ukraine’s democratic transition on the EU’s political agenda.

The united Ukrainian civil society and expert community play a crucial role in providing the impetus and paths for European reforms driving. To enhance the efforts of its members to ensure good governance and human rights protection in the country, eliminate corruption, implement reforms and advance Ukraine’s European integration, the Office serves as an external platform for cooperation of Ukrainian experts with the EU that provides necessary synergies to push the reforms forward and ensure that Ukraine implements them. The Office works to maintain Ukraine on the EU agenda, with the belief that today, in the period of democratic transitions, Ukraine needs its European and international partners by its side more than ever.