The Office is a non-profit organisation under Belgian law. It is governed by the General Assembly and the Board under the provisions of its Statute and Strategy.


The General Assembly

The General Assembly consists of all members of the Office. The General Assembly has an exclusive right to amend the Statute, approve the budget and accounting reports, as well as expel members of the Office. The General Assembly gathers at least once a year. It elects the Board and decides its duration. Associate members take part at the General Assembly, however, they cannot vote.


The Board

The Board is elected from representatives of full members of the Office. It acts collectively and is responsible for responsible for setting up the strategy of the organisation and supervising the executive team. It meets regularly to decide on important issues to the Office’s activities.

The last elections of the Board took place on 26 February 2019. The term of this Board will last until the next General Assembly, to be held in the first quarter of 2020.


Board members

Dr. Igor Burakovsky
Head of the Board, Institute For Economic Research and Policy Consulting

Dr. Iryna Bekeshkina

Director, Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation

Halyna Pastukh

Development Director, Data Journalism Agency “TEXTY”

Dr. Olena Pavlenko
President, DiXi Group
Dr. Olena Carbou (Prystayko)
Executive Director and Co-founder, Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels
Iryna Sushko
Executive Director, NGO “Europe Without Barriers”
Andriy Kulakov
Program Director, Internews-Ukraine