Mission and Activities

Opening Ukraine to Europe


The Mission of the Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels is to communicate knowledge and opinion of the Ukrainian and international expert community in order to contribute to the pan-European and global discourse on Ukraine and related issues. It provides an independent platform to deal with EU-Ukraine critical issues and is establishing a network of researchers and policy-makers across Europe in order to achieve a lasting impact on Ukraine’s democratic development and European integration of Ukraine. It is also important for us to cover transformations and disseminate analysis on the Eastern European Neighbourhood (EEN) region, which includes Ukraine. We envisage Ukraine as a reformed country and a member of the EU and see the EEN region free and prosperous. We endeavour to achieve this goal.

The Office is an independent non-governmental organisation. Pluralism of thoughts, impartiality, and European democratic principles are our core values.

The Office builds its activities in accordance with the Statute and Strategy.

We pursue our mission through advocacy, communication, and partnership building activities:

  • Organise meetings, round-table discussions, conferences and webinars on various issues;
  • Establish communication with EU and international stakeholders through off- and online close-doors consultations;
  • Present and promote analyses on Ukraine and EEN region-related issues;
  • Organise advocacy campaigns in Brussels and EU member states;
  • Facilitate policy dialogue on Ukraine and related matters;
  • Build partnerships between Ukrainian, EU and international expert communities;
  • Facilitate development of joint policy and research-related projects;
  • Inform members and the wider public about the discourse on Ukraine and EEN region in the EU;
  • Facilitate the members’ access to EU and international funding opportunities;
  • Provide coaching to experts.

In 2015, the Office started to issue the Ukraine Analytical Digest and, in 2016, launched Brussels UkraineLab.

The Office is our “embassy” in Brussels and we are happy to use this platform. Today, when there is incredible demand for reform, when new possibilities, including for think tanks are opening up, it is important to have a dialogue between Ukrainian and European counterparts. This can be called a kind of European integration on a public, expert level.
Anton Antonenko,
Vice President of the Dixi Group