Volunteership period: end of 2020 – first half of 2021


Ulyana Kubenko completed BA in International Relations and Area Studies in 2018, and MA in International Security and Development in 2020 at the Jagiellonian University (Kraków, Poland). After volunteering experience at UTTLOB, Ulyana was offered a traineeship in Security and Defense Program at the GMF office in Brussels.

“While I originally started assisting with the fundraising activities, the job has been very multifaceted and I had a great opportunity to also get experience in background research, analysis, and project development. What I found really important during the volunteering is that your opinion really matters, meaning you can always reach out and share your ideas about a specific issue and chances are that your idea will be taken into serious consideration and implemented in the new project. To me working in the UTTLOB was a truly great professional, as well as learning experience. If you want to work in civil society organisations and you are interested in supporting democratic developments and European integration of Ukraine, while simultaneously being in contact with EU institutions and NGOs, volunteering at the UTTLOB can be a stepping stone in EU environment.”

Dmytro Zahorodniuk completed BA in History in the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv in 2019, and currently, he is obtaining an International Master degree in Central and East European studies at the University of Tartu, University of Glasgow, and Jagiellonian University.

“During my internship in the Office, I was involved in a variety of activities: translation, fundraising, writing reports, and drafting grant applications. The combination of these types of work has been a great opportunity for me to develop my skills and gain significant experience in several areas in a short period of time. The most important features of working in the Office that I would like to mention are, first of all, a high level of freedom and trust within the team, support for the initiative, and the opportunity to openly discuss any issues. This provides a very comfortable and warm working atmosphere. An internship in the Office allows you to see the work of the European institutions from the inside, gain important practical experience and opens up career opportunities in think tanks and NGOs in the EU.”