Administrative procedure in Ukraine: Ukrainians need new rules for communicating with officials

Victor Tymoshchuk and Yevhen Shkolnyi, experts of the Centre of Policy and Legal Reform, prepared an article for BlogActiv.

In a modern law-governed state, legislative regulation of the relations between public administration bodies and private individuals is a mandatory element of the legal system. The laws on general administrative procedure primarily aim to protect a person from arbitrariness by public servants. They determine the actions of officials in terms of the procedure. This applies both to the consideration of applications and the provision of administrative services, and to the activities initiated by an administrative body (for example, in the course of inspection), or to the consideration of pre-trial appeals.

In Ukraine, unfortunately, the general administrative procedure is still not working. For more than 20 years, the attempts have been making to pass the relevant law, but so far, they were unsuccessful. The main reason for such a sad situation is the lack of understanding by the Ukrainian politicians, officials and most scholars of the essence of the general administrative procedure, the mechanism for its functioning and its significance for the state and society.

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