Amplifiers: How Pro-Kremlin Narratives Spread in French-Speaking Facebook

UkraineWorld has recently analysed pro-Kremlin discourse in some segments of German social networks. This article is focusing on similar processes on French-language social media.

In the beginning of April 2021, as the Russian troops were mobilizing along the Ukrainian border and the situation was escalating, Facebook was flooded with all sorts of dubious news and information on the subject.

The situation is repeating itself now in November 2021, as information about another Russian military buildup on the Ukrainian border is being widely reported by the international and Ukrainian media, and officials of many countries and international organisations have expressed deep concern over the situation (for updates, follow UkraineWorld’s live coverage here).

UkraineWorld’s monitoring of pages and groups focusing on Ukraine revealed that there are particular information campaigns being conducted targeting French and German speakers.

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