15.04.2015. “Foreign Policy Insight”, Ukrainian-Polish affairs: challenges and opportunities, ICPS

In the latest edition of the “Foreign Policy Insight”, weekly publication of the International Centre for Policy Studies, experts of the Centre were trying to find answers to the following questions: to which extent Poland and Ukraine use the new window of opportunity to enhance political, economic, humanitarian, military-technical cooperation?

Did the new opportunities for Ukrainian and Polish businesses, projects and concepts for the intellectual elite and political circles emerged last year? Do the Ukrainians and Polish know and understand each other better? What steps should be taken for Ukraine and Poland to become two bases of a new security architecture and cooperation in the Baltic-Black Sea region and Ukrainian-Polish partnership to become the same engine of the “New Europe”, as the Franco-German for “Old Europe” ?


The aim of the publication is to provide analysis of Ukraine’s foreign policy in the context of global processes in the region and the world, as well as an overview of major world events that may have an impact on the further development of Ukraine and the region. Special attention is paid to the European integration of Ukraine, in particular implementation of Ukraine–EU Association Agreement.