Analysis of draft amendments to the Election Code from OPORA

The VRU Committee on Organisation of State Government, Regional Development, Local Self-Government and Urban Planning has returned to the improvement of the Election Code before 2020 regular local elections.

On May 12, the Subcommittee on Elections and Referendums held an online discussion of critical changes to the Election Code, drafted by MPs. The Parliament didn’t manage to eliminate all the drawbacks and gaps in the Election Code procedures when it was considered before. To do this, MPs of Ukraine should discuss it and take immediate decisions. Thus, we welcome the start of a dialogue on the Election Code yet before MPs are back to regular work after quarantine. OPORA believes that Ukrainian Parliament should pass final decisions on amendments to the Election Code by the end of May-beginning of June, and secure good preparation of state bodies, political parties and potential candidates to local elections. The state should also guarantee readiness for elections by allocating realistic financing for the organisation and conduct of voting.

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