Another Grand Project. Does Ukraine Need a Presidential University?

Vasyl Yurchyshyn, Director of Economic Programmes at the Razumkov Centre,  has analysed whether Ukraine needs a Presidential University.

Rather, it should have been about channeling funds to the best existing universities, strengthening those scientific schools and teams that still have a positive reputation in leading foreign universities.

It would seem that the news of the creation of a new university should evoke at least some positive emotions, in response to this next wave of the demonstration of care from the part of the authorities. However, as has often been the case lately, it has provoked misunderstandings.

By presidential decree, it was decided to densely erect the buildings of a new presidential university on the territory of the National Complex Expo Center of Ukraine (the VDNG in Ukrainian). And it is not so much a surprise that one of the most popular places for active recreation in Kyiv will become a semi-enclosed “student” territory — one can only imagine what will happen to the VDNG in our practice of “large-scale construction”.

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