Anti-Russian Provocations of Western Puppets. Russian Media Monitoring for April 18th-24th

Russian disinformers go on covering every third piece of news about the war and its consequences for Russia. And continues to analyse the news of Russian websites and review what the enemy is telling its own population about the attack on Ukraine. To do this, the experts analysed about 10,000 news items from the Russian state media and manipulative websites that purposefully spread Russian bogus stories.

Encirclement of Azovstal and threats of Ukrainian provocations

Last week, Russian news gave the impression that the whole of Ukraine was Mariupol. The vast majority of news about the war concerned the capture of the city and the encirclement of the Ukrainian military in Azovstal.

As a result, Russian news combined optimistic promises to hold the “Immortal Regiment” rally in Mariupol on May 9th with the discrediting of Ukrainian “mercenaries and neo-Nazis” who are allegedly “afraid to surrender to Russia because of the large number of war crimes they have committed.”

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