01.09.2016.August selection of the analytics about Ukraine

We are back after vacations with a small selection of interesting publications from our partners.

Policy Brief Behind Ukraine’s Energy Transition: Overcoming Key Challenges. Dixi Group.

Ukraine is going through a multideminsional reform of the gas market. Two major obstacles remain on its way – to overcome dependence on Russia’s gas supply as well as to combat oligarch dominance over policy and decision-making. The paper aims to discuss current situation and potential developements within the gas sector.

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Public Opinion. Ukraine turns 25: achievements and defeats.The Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation 

25 years since proclaiming Ukraine’s independence. After two years of a continuous struggle towards new democracy, how is Ukraine preceived – as a state which successed or failed? Regardless to all achievements and defeats 87% of Ukrainians would vote in favor of the act of independence if a referendum for the independence of Ukraine was held today. It is almost exact number as back in 1991 (89%). The experts held a sociological reasearch on perception of Ukrainians of the 25 years of independence.

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Putin’s latest Crimean gambit. Institute of World Policy

Escallation of the conflict in the East of Ukraine marked August. Additionally, Russian claimed alleged terrorist attacks in the Crimea prepared by Ukranian militants. Russia’s accusations are more likely part of the long-running disinformation campaign that has accompanied the country’s military aggression. Why rumour about Ukranian terrorists is a convenient political tactict for Russia?

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Deepening EU-Ukrainian Relations: What, why and how? Institute of the economic research and policy consulting.

Legal apporimation of Ukraine towards the EU is a must. The expert group prepared a clear and simple handbook explaining all parts of the Association Agreement. While moving towards the EU we shall understand our obligations, current situation and potential challenges.

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