Bad EU, New “Victories” in Donbass, and Fakes about Ukrainian Grain. Monitoring of Russian Mass Media for May 9th-15th

Russian disinformers continue to cover every third item of news about the war in Ukraine and its consequences for Russia. And continues to analyse the news of Russian websites and review what the enemy is telling its own population about the attack against Ukraine. To do this, experts analysed more than 34 thousand pieces of news from the Russian state media and manipulative websites that are targeted to spread Russian disinformation.

Yet another invectives against Europe

In the midst of discussions of new EU sanctions against Russia, first and foremost – the oil embargo, the Russian media have significantly intensified anti-European rhetoric. “The EU is going to the dump of history,” Russian propagandists declared last week. Refusal to purchase Russian energy will launch another notable blow to the Russian economy, so disinformation is trying to reassure the public that this will not happen, as “the rejection of Russian energy carriers will lead to a paralysis of the economy, and the consequences of the paralysis will be comparable … to the result of an atomic bombing.”

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