Belarus Watch Briefing. Issue #19

The European Values Center for Security Policy (Prague) and Internews Ukraine (Kyiv) prepared the nineteenth issue of the monitoring of Russian activities and influence in Belarus.

Recent policy developments

High-ranking Russian official Boris Gryzlov to become new Russian ambassador in Belarus.

The former Russian Interior Minister (2001-2003), currently one of the leaders of United Russia – the largest Russian political party – and close ally of Vladimir Putin, will head the Russian Embassy in Belarus.

Before his departure to Minsk,Gryzov said that “the most important condition for the calm confidence of the Belarusians in the future is the multifaceted support from Russia and the integration in the frame of the Union State”.

President Putin appointed Boris Gryzlov as the new Russian Ambassador to Belarus on January 14. It is expected that Gryzlov will arrive in Belarus by the end of January. In this way, Boris Gryzlov will be the fourth Russian Ambassador to work in Minsk since 2018.

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