Belarus Watch Briefing. Issue #7

The European Values Center for Security Policy (Prague) and Internews Ukraine (Kyiv) prepared the seventh issue of the monitoring of Russian activities and influence in Belarus. 

Recent policy developments

Russia’s Ambassador to Belarus stresses the closeness of the brotherly nations despite “the aggressive attempts to separate us”

On June 14, Natalia Kachanova, Speaker of the Council of the Republic (upper house of the parliament), met with Russian Ambassador Evgeny Lukyanov. The tone of the conversation was traditional for the Belarusian and Russian public officials, who usually stress the strategic partnership and friendship of the two nations. Ambassador Lukyanov referred to common heritage, stating that there are “aggressive attempts to separate” the Slavic nations of Belarus and Russia. Kachanova thanked Russia for its support in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and discussed the upcoming 8th Forum of Regions that will take place in and around the Moscow region.

This was rather a routine meeting, with no significant publicly visible outcomes.

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