Belarus Watch Briefing. Issue #8

The European Values Center for Security Policy (Prague) and Internews Ukraine (Kyiv) prepared the eighth issue of the monitoring of Russian activities and influence in Belarus.

Recent policy developments

Belarus briefly discussed at the Geneva summit: Biden and Putin concluded that alignment on the Belarus issue is impossible.

During the Geneva summit on June 16, Joe Biden brought up the Belarusian crisis, and Vladimir Putin expressed contrasting views on what to do about the situation.

It is little surprise that Belarus was not among the top issues of the summit agenda and therefore was addressed with only minor remarks. At the same time, there were discussions in Belarusian expert circles with regards to the possible consequences of the summit. Some analysts drew attention to John Bolton’s op-ed in the Washington Post which called on Biden to take a pro-active stance in resolving the Belarusian crisis, arranging a possible exile solution for Lukashenka and a subsequent democratic transition, along with using the Nordstream 2 launch as a bargaining chip with Putin over the Belarusian issue.

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