Black Sea Security No. 4 (36) 2019

The Centre “Strategy XXI” presented a new issue #4 (36) of the Black Sea Security journal. This issue of the journal closes in 2019 and opens in 2020. Predictions are numerous as always. Not all of them will be true. Some of them can come true later, not in 2020. However, there are predictions, which need to be talked about loudly to prevent them from ever being realised.

In this issue of the journal, our authors from Ukraine, Georgia, Bulgaria and Armenia point to the growing threat of new waves of Russian aggression. The more Russia talks about the struggle for peace all over the world, the more it means that Moscow is preparing for war. It is not occasional that Moscow is preparing to celebrate the 75th anniversary of victory in World War II by attracting a number of G7 leaders to this propagandist show. Probably the anniversary of the victory over Nazism is a disguise of preparing for a new scenario. Like it was in 2014 when after the Sochi Olympic Games, Russia began invading Ukraine, occupying the Crimean peninsula.

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