Bottom-Up Drive: How Decentralisation Makes Local Communities in Ukraine Stronger

Launched in 2014, decentralisation reform in Ukraine gives significant powers and budgets to local governments.

UkraineWorld, together with its colleagues from the regional media, looks at success stories of small communities that have been changed for the better due to the reform.

More than voting: how Ivano-Frankivsk is preparing for local elections

Local elections will be held in Ukraine on October 25. As decentralisation reform is changing local capacities, bringing more powers and money to the grassroots level, these elections will be crucial. Journalist Iryna Fedoliak reports for the Halychyna newspaper on how Ivano-Frankivsk communities are getting ready for the elections.

The reform has brought substantial benefits for local citizens. Much revenue that had earlier been transferred to the national budget is now staying in local budgets, making local communities better-resourced and more capable.

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