Historically, Ukraine has been in the top tier of contributors to United Nations peacekeeping missions in conflict zones worldwide. Now, one of the intergovernmental body’s truce contingents might land in eastern Ukraine.

Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation, Razumkov Centre

Energy sector reforms have been suspended just after the beginning. European partners are disappointed.

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The topic of the month: Free Trade Agreement with Canada. The issue also covers new initiatives for women entrepreneurs and  practical tips for organic exporters.

Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting

An informational and analytical project about seventeen key reforms, which helps to understand the complicated process of the political and social changes started in Ukraine in 2014.


The introduction of peacekeepers to Donbas is not unrealistic, but the question is how much this mission, its mandate and composition will be in line with the declared goals. In any case, it can be a step towards ending the bloodshed, but what will Ukraine get tomorrow, when this mission ends its work?

Razumkov Centre

Ukraine’s industrial sector has had a difficult spell. However, the past few years have seen the emergence of a new wave of industrial businesses in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian energy sector ranks in the top 10 in Europe and in top 30 in the world. It occupies ca. 30% of national economy and provides transportation of ca. 20% of annual EU natural gas consumption. At the same time it requires adaptation to new challenges, market conditions and modernization, and state policy for development.
Razumkov Centre

The program manager of the Analytical Center Dixi Group, Roman Nitsovych, named a number of reasons which triggered gasoline price hikes.

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Co-founder of VoxUkraine, professor Yuriy Gorodnichenko visited the most influential economic conference and shared his insights.


The issue of financing election campaigns is relevant not only in Ukraine, but also in the political life of all developed Western democracies. Election experts are increasingly raising the issue of costly election campaigns, in particular, the use of  a large number of political advertisements on TV and in print media.

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