Andreas Umland, Senior Fellow at the Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation, analysed why Moscow sent the Buk missile to Ukraine when such a weapon was not necessary to shoot down lower flying Ukrainian military planes.

Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation
Oleh Pokalchuk, social psychologist and member of the ISER’s Board, gave a speech at the meeting of the Open Chair on foreign policy, security and diplomacy.
Institute for Social and Economic Research

The European Union and Ukraine have a broad range of tools of integration covering different aspects of relations: Association Agreement, law enforcement and readmission cooperation, visa liberalisation, Creative Europe etc.

Europe without barriers

On Sunday, June 24, 16 EU states leaders took part in mini-summit on migration in Brussels invited by EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. “Europe without barriers” gathered the main points about the event from open sources.

Europe without barriers

Andreas Umland, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation, joined UATV to discuss the situation with blocking the Ukraine-NATO summit by Hungary and Ukrainian NATO perspectives.

Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation

In the short-term, there are no direct threats to the functioning of the EU-Ukraine visa-free regime. Still, some risk factors exist and should be prevented.

Europe without barriers

Andreas Umland, Senior Fellow at the Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation, analysed how Germans see Ukraine for UkraineAlert (the Atlantic Council).

Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation

Anna Kyslytska, analyst at Internews Ukraine and UkraineWorld, analysed what Ukraine’s exports are about now.

Internews-Ukraine, UkraineWorld

Oleхiy Haran, Research Director at the Democratic Initiatives Foundation, and Petro Burkovsky, Deputy Head of Department at the National Institute for Strategic Studies, analysed how the US and EU can make the Kremlin rethink its options in Ukraine’s Donbas.

Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation

Mykola Kapitonenko, Associate expert at the International Centre for Policy Studies, analysed the split in the West and its possible influence on Ukraine.

International Centre for Policy Studies