We are hearing calls from some political leaders from across the globe calling “not to humiliate” Russia and help Putin save the face. In this episode of the “Explaining Ukraine” podcast, experts argue why it is wrong.

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Can geopolitics explain Russia’s war against Ukraine? Does the idea of “great powers’ struggle” help us understand its nature and causes? Is this war about the confrontation of values, interests, civilizations, or something else?

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President of the USA Joe Biden signed the Ukraine bill into law on May 9.

Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting

UkraineWorld has analysed how Russian propaganda threatens the West with World War III.

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UkraineWorld visited Bucha a few days ago and tells stories of the Russian occupation in this Kyiv suburb which became a symbol of massacres committed by the Russian army.

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Russian authorities ordered to “expropriate” harvests, seeds, and equipment from Ukrainian farmers in the occupied Kherson region. These orders remind of Stalin’s “requisitions” of food from Ukrainian peasants in the early 1930s.

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Belarus Watch Team has prepared the 25th issue of the monitoring of Russian activities and influence in Belarus.

Belarus Watch Team

According to some estimates, switching off the Russian oil and gas pump for just two months may be sufficient to starve the war machine of resources and force Russia to abandon its aggressive war, writes Kateryna Markevych, a Leading Expert on Economic & Social Programs at the Razumkov Centre.

Razumkov Centre

Two months have passed since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. UkraineWorld is drawing some key conclusions: failure of Russia’s initial plans; Ukraine’s remarkable resistance; the Russian army’s immense cruelty; changes in Russian discourse about the war; some forecasts about the future.

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How can we describe Putinism? Is it closer to far-right totalitarianisms like fascism/Nazism, or to far-left systems like Stalinism? What is the nature of Russian imperialism? Is Stalinism’s heritage still alive?

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